Как установить моды на космические инженеры

Как установить моды на космические инженеры

Description: Remote controlled small block simple camera. both small and large versions are 1×1 block. Due to compact size, camera does not equipped with zoom.

**2016 Star Wars Weapons and more Update**

This is the A-wing from Star Wars Return of the Jedi, updated for vanilla, new thrusters and better angles!

Star Wars Star Destroyer-type bridge windows. Originally made for a friend and his Star Wars builds. Modular and colorable. Still a work-in-progress. Now DX-11 compatible.

Knowns issue: Can’t be painted in DX9.

Azimuth Industries is now proud to present the DX-9 and DX-11 Compatible Azimuth Batteries and Reactors.

Fusion Reactor (Various sizes): Large and Small ship
Batteries: Large and Small ship
V8 style reactor: Small ship

Azimuth Industries are proud to present the Azimuth Fighter Cockpit.

=>Fully Functional Oxygen System/Air Tight.

=>High quality HD textures.

The rebellion needs your support of strong independent ships to get through the Imperial Blockade! Only you and captain Syndulla can go on this mission to secure new technology and remove the imperial opressors!

Azimuth Thruster Mod Pack

Azimuth Thruster, the one we all need.

Outfitted with ventilation tubes for less heat and an updated Cooling System and better looking than any thruster out there!

Just a selection of Badges

Civilization Beyond Earth:

Star Trek:
Starfleet Academy
Starfleet Command
Starfleet (2270)
Columbia NX02
Enterprise NX01

Star Wars:
Black Sun

This is an updated Battle Cannon and Turret DX11 mod that has addressed the reload issue for all weapons.

All credits for the mod go to the original author who can be found here: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198057447101

8,4-1 button panels, angled. Dx11 friendly.

Hi there! Just my second mod. Made it by request, to save some space, and also coz I don’t like vanilla one’s 😀

Colorable, with constructions, LODs

Notice: This mod has been integrated into vanilla game and remodelled by developers with the update 01.165 (8 Dec 2016).

This mod is still usable if you wish for the older simpler models as they’re preserved here.

A cruiser inspired by the Republic Cruiser from Star Wars.

The ship has a working internal conveyor system that is connected to the cargo containers, the reactors and the weapon systems.

Ship armament (version 0.4):
— 39 Gatling Turrets
— 17 Rock.

The Jump Drive pack with multiple size variations for any possible design you may need!

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=>Full Construction models.

Me and my friend’s vision of the Ebon Hawk from Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic (KOTOR), was designed with the interior as focus.

It’s completely vanilla, no mods.

Has 2 refineries (one in the engine room), a large reactor, 2 batteries, an asse.

This mod adds three new thruster types for large and small ships. They are all survival ready and should be relatively balanced.

The three types are flat (1x1x1), small slope (1x1x2), and large slope (2x1x2). The small slope thrusters are slightly more.

Updated to have all the values of the current engines, including all the atmosphere effects on them.

This is a very simple mod to change the colour of the Thrusters to Green. (Its pretty self explantory)
This DOES now add more thrusters. This also work.

Note: this item is a part of a larger client and server mod, HCDS. The contents are available separately for your convenience.

Important! Please read the change notes as they tell you what key features where modified or implemented 🙂

After many hours of tweeking and preperation I am finally publishing my design of the LAAT/c!

Manufacturer: Rothana Heavy Engineering

Type : Large solar panel
Size : 8x4x1 (Large bloc only)
Power max. : 600 kW

The surface was multiplied by 4 and the energetic efficiency was multiplied by 5, so there is an energy increase of 25%

For a centered version, more biggest (9.

Survival ready.
no mod block.

— Large cargo
— Oxygen tank
— 2 Batteries
— 2 Solar panels

Thank you Jack2to2 for the great inspiration to build this!

Something different than the Star Wars Universe this time, it is my contest submission for the UESC Construction Contest 23: Orbital Cargo Ship

The Ship has a lower hangar fo.

Removes visible edges on armour / armor blocks.

It works as the name suggests: rather than modifying every existing armour block it simply makes the edge model invisible. This means that unlike other edge removal mods I’ve found it is compatible with mo.

Now with cockpit panels support! Everything you will ever need to know about your ship and station displayed in real time on LCD panels in any vanilla games. modded games and servers!

v:2.0176 [latest game version 1.194 compatible, fixed corner l.

First: please leave feedback, its frustrating to get nothing back (thumb up).

This Mod contains hover engines for large and small grid. The behavior is the same for Planets and Moons (environment has to support atmo thrusters).

Two Military Blocks +.

Designed and ready for survival

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Mexpex Industries presents the C15 Jump Drive.

Block: Large
Size: 4x4x8
Lod: Yes(3 in total)
Dx11: Yes
Dx9: Yes(but with emissive error)
Survival Ready: Yes

Max input: 4000MW
Storage: 210MWh
Recharge time(4000NW):

Heavy Mining Drill

This heavy industrial mining drill is made to be used on larger mining ships.
Its designed with great durability and deep space mining expeditions in mind.

400 000kg
High Durability

I won’t make a male version, sorry!

Featured in the 01.097 Update video (wow)

My first completely custom character! This started out about 6 months ago as a.


Руководство моддинг

Сохранять файлы / МИР ФАЙЛЫ

Каждый, сгенерированный вами, мир сохраняется в отдельной папке, которую можно найти в c:\Users\\AppData\Roaming\SpaceEngineers\Saves\\


Файлы с FX и расширения FXH являются вершиной / пиксельные шейдеры для различных операций рендеринга и могут быть найдены в steamapps\common\SpaceEngineers\Content\Effects2\Каждый шейдерный файл запускается перекомпилирован при запуске игры. Если вы измените один, перезапустить игру. Если игра вылетает при запуске, это, вероятно, из-за ошибки компиляции, вызванного изменением.


Почти все текстуры в формате DDS (сжатие DXT). Вам понадобится программа редактирования, которая может их редактировать. Если вы используете Adobe Photoshop, мы рекомендуем установить этот плагин: https://developer.nvidia.com/nvidia-texture-tools-adobe-photoshop и использовать эти настройки для экспорта:

Settings for exporting textures

Текстуры можно найти в: steamapps\common\SpaceEngineers\Content\Textures\ Есть несколько категорий файлов текстур: графический интерфейс, частицы, фонари, модели, воксели и т.д. модель текстуры с «_ns» в названии содержат «нормальную карту» в RGB каналов и «зеркальный» в альфа-канал. Математические модели текстуры с «_de» в их имени содержат «диффузных» в RGB каналов и «теплоотдачей» в альфа-канал.


Создание модов используя новый API с помощью языка C#

По видео мы повторяем все до момента когда придет пора писать код. Вот тут мы остановимся по подробнее. По первых: убедитесь что вы импортировали все необходимые пространства имен как указано в видео, начала вашего кода будет выглядеть как то так:

using System.Text; using System.Collections;

using System.Linq; using Sandbox.ModAPI;

Далее мы указываем пространство имен и имя нашего класса.

public class Bot : MySessionComponentBase

И тут разработчики предлагают нам на выбор несколько вариантов как можно активировать свой код.

There are several ways to this

You add handler on MyAPIGateway.Utils.MessageEntered and execute your code depending on player input to chat

You can subclass MySessionComponentBase, add Attribute and it will get loaded before world and then updated each frame.

public class Bot : MySessionComponentBase

public override void BeforeStart()

MyAPIGateway.Utilities.MessageEntered += new MessageEnteredDel((string messageText, ref bool sendToOthers) => onMessage(messageText));

private void onMessage(String messageText)

MyAPIGateway.Utilities.ShowMessage(«Bot», «player say: » + messageText);

Давайте теперь разберем более подробно.

Создаем папку Mods, если ее еще нет, в ней создаем папки Bot\Data\Scripts\BotScript\ сюда кладем наш bot.cs

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Полный путь у меня выглядит так: ‘C:\Users\sudoroot\AppData\Roaming\Space Engineers\’Bot\Data\Scripts\BotScript\bot.cs

Документация по интерфейсам API

И так доступ к игровому миру и ее механике мы получаем через класс MyAPIGateway.

Который в себе содержит следующие интерфейсы:

По скольку все они объявлены через модификатор static нам не нужно создавать экземпляр данного класса, мы просто будем обращаться напрямую.

public interface IMyCubeBuilder

void ActivateShipCreationClipboard(MyObjectBuilder_CubeGrid grid, VRageMath.Vector3 centerDeltaDirection, float dragVectorLength);

void ActivateShipCreationClipboard(MyObjectBuilder_CubeGrid[] grids, VRageMath.Vector3 centerDeltaDirection, float dragVectorLength);

bool AddConstruction(IMyEntity buildingEntity);

void StartNewGridPlacement(MyCubeSize cubeSize, bool isStatic);

public interface IMyEntities

event Action OnCloseAll;

event Action OnEntityNameSet;

event Action OnEntityRemove;

void AddEntity(IMyEntity entity, bool insertIntoScene = true);

IMyEntity CreateFromObjectBuilder(MyObjectBuilder_EntityBase objectBuilder);

IMyEntity CreateFromObjectBuilderAndAdd(MyObjectBuilder_EntityBase objectBuilder);

IMyEntity CreateFromObjectBuilderNoinit(MyObjectBuilder_EntityBase objectBuilder);

void EnableEntityBoundingBoxDraw(IMyEntity entity, bool enable, VRageMath.Vector4? color = null, float lineWidth = 0.01f, VRageMath.Vector3? inflateAmount = null);

bool EntityExists(string name);

bool Exist(IMyEntity entity);

bool ExistsById(long entityId);

VRageMath.Vector3? FindFreePlace(VRageMath.Vector3 basePos, float radius, int maxTestCount = 20, int testsPerDistance = 5, float stepSize = 1f);

List GetElementsInBox(ref VRageMath.BoundingBox boundingBox);

void GetEntities(HashSet entities, Func collect = null);

List GetEntitiesInAABB(ref VRageMath.BoundingBox boundingBox);

List GetEntitiesInSphere(ref VRageMath.BoundingSphere boundingSphere);

IMyEntity GetEntity(Func match);

IMyEntity GetEntityById(long entityId);

IMyEntity GetEntityByName(string name);

void GetInflatedPlayerBoundingBox(ref VRageMath.BoundingBox playerBox, float inflation);

IMyEntity GetIntersectionWithSphere(ref VRageMath.BoundingSphere sphere);

IMyEntity GetIntersectionWithSphere(ref VRageMath.BoundingSphere sphere, IMyEntity ignoreEntity0, IMyEntity ignoreEntity1);

List GetIntersectionWithSphere(ref VRageMath.BoundingSphere sphere, IMyEntity ignoreEntity0, IMyEntity ignoreEntity1, bool ignoreVoxelMaps, bool volumetricTest);

IMyEntity GetIntersectionWithSphere(ref VRageMath.BoundingSphere sphere, IMyEntity ignoreEntity0, IMyEntity ignoreEntity1, bool ignoreVoxelMaps, bool volumetricTest, bool excludeEntitiesWithDisabledPhysics = false, bool ignoreFloatingObjects = true, bool ignoreHandWeapons = true);

bool IsInsideVoxel(VRageMath.Vector3 pos, VRageMath.Vector3 hintPosition, out VRageMath.Vector3 lastOutsidePos);

bool IsInsideWorld(VRageMath.Vector3 pos);

bool IsNameExists(IMyEntity entity, string name);

bool IsRaycastBlocked(VRageMath.Vector3 pos, VRageMath.Vector3 target);

bool IsSelectable(IMyEntity entity);

bool IsSpherePenetrating(ref VRageMath.BoundingSphere bs);

bool IsTypeHidden(Type type);

bool IsTypeSelectable(Type type);

bool IsVisible(IMyEntity entity);

void MarkForClose(IMyEntity entity);

void RegisterForDraw(IMyEntity entity);

void RegisterForUpdate(IMyEntity entity);

void RemapObjectBuilder(MyObjectBuilder_EntityBase objectBuilder);

void RemapObjectBuilderCollection(IEnumerable objectBuilders);

void RemoveEntity(IMyEntity entity);

void RemoveFromClosedEntities(IMyEntity entity);

void RemoveName(IMyEntity entity);

void SetEntityName(IMyEntity IMyEntity, bool possibleRename = true);

void SetTypeHidden(Type type, bool hidden);

void SetTypeSelectable(Type type, bool selectable);

bool TryGetEntityById(long id, out IMyEntity entity);

bool TryGetEntityByName(string name, out IMyEntity entity);

void UnregisterForDraw(IMyEntity entity);

void UnregisterForUpdate(IMyEntity entity, bool immediate = false);

public interface IMyMultiplayer

bool IsServerPlayer(IMyPlayer player);

public interface IMyPlayerCollection

IMyPlayer this[ulong steamUserId]

void Add(IMyPlayer player);

long AddNewNpc(string npcName);

bool Exists(ulong steamUserId);

void ExtendControl(IMyEntity entityWithControl, IMyEntity entityGettingControl);

IMyPlayer GetPlayerControllingEntity(IMyEntity entity);

void GetPlayers(List players, Func collect = null);

bool HasExtendedControl(IMyEntity firstEntity, IMyEntity secondEntity);

void KillPlayer(long playerId);

void ReduceControl(IMyEntity entityWhichKeepsControl, IMyEntity entityWhichLoosesControl);

void Remove(IMyPlayer player);

void Remove(ulong steamUserId);

void RemoveControlledEntity(IMyEntity entity);

void RevivePlayer(long playerId);

void SendControlledEntities(ulong sendTo);

void SetControlledEntity(ulong steamUserId, IMyEntity entity);

void TryExtendControl(IMyEntity entityWithControl, IMyEntity entityGettingControl);

bool TryGetPlayer(ulong steamUserId, out IMyPlayer player);

bool TryReduceControl(IMyEntity entityWhichKeepsControl, IMyEntity entityWhichLoosesControl);

bool TrySetControlledEntity(ulong steamUserId, IMyEntity entity);

void UpdateFromPlayer(long playerId);

void UpdateFromSession(List playersFromSession);


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