Tf2 walkway как установить

Tf2 walkway как установить

Folling instructions would help you download the map:

After completing step 8, you would have the map as part of your game.

The map is suppose to function by you killing bots as training, however, bots may not spawn due to different settings in the sever or the game, to fix this problem:
1) Open console and type in: sv_allow_point_servercommand always
(the default is «sv_allow_point_servercommand official» which blocks server commands)
2) type in: retry (so you reconnect to the server)

Bots should be spawnning

Since the map is very big, and you do not want to walk, a neat trick is to teleport instead.
You can teleport around the map using the console command «tr_teleport».
Hit or shoot the yellow and black blocks around the map to change the teleport destination. Bind tr_teleport to a key of your keyboard to help you to move faster and lose less time walking. To do it, write in the console:

Replace to any key you want and then press enter to load it. Press the selected key
to activate the teleport.

Pictures of the yellow and black blocks are below, so you can better recognize them:

Closer shot:

While most of the buttons on the map have obvious purposes, I feel that a few still needs explaining, the buttons that i present below are NOT all the buttons, the simple buttons you can find their functions by standing infront of them, these buttons does NOT have detailed explaination in game, that is why i am explaining them here! In this section I will explain uses for some features in the map that are not so obvious as the rest!

Invisible walls Option:
Those are the walls at the sides of the track to make the bots stay on the walkway. You can turn
them off to practice airshots. The first option of turning the walls off is to hurt every bot outside
the walkway. The seconds turns the walls off, but don’t damage bots that escaped from the walkway.

Headshot training spawn Option:
The bots and the way they move are not perfect. They play the animation when moving, but their hitbox (the part of them that detects what takes damage) stay in the animation.

There is no known way to fix this, but the impact that it has on gameplay can be lowered using
the button. The bots will be facing a way so their heads will
match better with their hitbox. Only engineers, snipers, spies and demomen work in this option. (as their hitbox is VERY SIMILER to their hitbox, but it is NOT perfect)

Aim up + attack Option:
Useful for practicing long range pipebombs airblast with pyros, or stair stab and air stabs with spies, (your enemy is likely to look up when you try to stair stab them)

Aim down + attack Option:
Real soldiers aim for your feet, you can choose to simulate that behavior. Aim down can
also be used to practice airblast jumps.

Bots ammount Option:
If your computer can’t manage the map (e.g., if you game on a potato), change the maximum ammount of bots to increase the overall performance.

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tr_stop (in console):
Stopping the bots can be useful to practice airblast and airblast jumps.

Resupply off Option:
Turn it off to practice ammo management or if you want to play little games where there
is a chance of dying

Resupply off + Bots attack:
This will make the bots attack, to add some «realism» and challenge to your practice

Note* Stay away from pyros. (and random crits are on by default. )

Hurt bots:
One of the most useful options. Light classes will spawn with 1 hp when you enable it.
Pyros will have 26 HP. This can be very useful to know how much damage are you doing
with every shot. (It is also great for fooling around. )

Launch pad random power and trajectory:
By default, the launchpad changes its power (Bot initial momentum) and its
trajectory (the initial angle) in small lapses of time. Airshooting becomes
more realistic with these features on, but the random power can be turned off to select
which one you want and the random trajectory can be disabled too to get the same flying
pattern for every bot.

Raise and lower the hill:
Lower the hill if it’s bothering you when training airshots or you want the bots to run
in a straight line.

Slope change:
Useful for training stairstabs.
(most stairs in tf2 maps are at 50 degrees, most ramps at 20-30 degrees)

**Rocket+shotgun training**
— Spawn light classes
— Play soldier
Fire one rocket under a bot. When they are flying in the air shoot him with the shotgun. Try approaching the bots from different angles and distances. This is a useful technique that can be used in real servers. It’s possible to use scouts, spies or medics too to practice.

**Airstab training**
— Bind tr_teleport to any key (for example, bind f tr_teleport)
— Play spy
Stand in a catwalk or somewhere high where bots walk (preferably near a black and yellow square). When a bot comes nearby, drop or jump over him, crouch and stab him as soon as you touch his back. If it’s done well, you will do a backstab. For trying again, instead of walking to the spot where you started, shoot the yellow and black square and press the key you bound to tr_teleport. This will teleport you to that position (note that the teleport don’t change after using it, this means that you don’t need to shoot the square again every time you want to teleport to that place). The airstab technique is very useful to all spies, so its recommended that you know the timing for using it in real games.
Notice that you can change the speed to scout to make the training more difficult. You can also use the teleporters located on the beams in the roof for airstabing.
NOTE: airstabs has many names, like overhead stab, height advantage, etc. Some peoples says that they don’t even need a name.
I used airstab and stairstab to differentiate the gamemodes.

**Sniper training**
— Spawn bots for headshot training
— Any dodging option (jump, strafe or back and forth)
— Play sniper
Find a good spot and practice. The bots spawned for headshot training work quite well for shooting them from the side, compared to normal spawns. Find a quiet place and shoot them to the head. You can also stand on the track and do twitch-shots.

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**Basic air-strafing**
— Remove all bots
— Launch-pad
— No random power
— High launch-pad power
Air strafing is useful for increasing rocket jump distance and decreasing the chances of being hit
while flying. This readme will not go deep in this move but basically, you need to press the strafe key without pressing neither «w» or «a» and slowly move the mouse in the direction of the strafe key (if you are strafing with «a», move slowly the mouse to the left). Normally, to practice this
technique you need to to rocket jump to get the initial impulse. With the launch pad, you can get
the initial impulse easier and practice airstrafing after being launched. For example, try to get
to the catwalks BEHIND of the launchpad or disable the random trajectory and using air strafe,
get a bigger distance when traveling in a straight line.

**Stairstab training**
— Play spy
Stand on the slope where the bots walk uphill. When one of them is coming, jump over him, crouch, spin 180?and hit him with the knife when he is below you. Hopefully you will land a backstab. This is a famous trick, hard to pull off but really rewarding, especially when it’s done to a real player. You can change the movement speed to scout to increase the difficulty. Don’t forget to change the slope too!

**ULTIMATE Sniper training**
— Spawn bots for headshot training
— Bots move back and forth
— Bots jump
— Bots strafe
— Short strafe time
— Scout speed
— Play sniper
Gamemode designed to make snipers cry (or feel godlike)

**Airblast training**
— Spawn airblast training classes
— Make bots attack
— Hurt bots (optional)
— Bots aim down (optional)
— Play pyro with default flamethrower
Practice rockets and pipebombs reflection. Hurt bots will make them easier to kill and bots
aim down gives soldiers a more realistic behavior.

**Revolver training**
— Random bots
— Bots move back and forth
— Bots strafe
— Long strafe timer
— Play spy
Train aim with the revolver. Snipe with the revolver low health classes. Jump around a move
like crazy for making the practice more realistic

**Airblast jump**
— Spawn soldiers
— Bots aim down
— Stop movement button or tr_stop
— tr_attackonce bound to any key (for example, bind f tr_attackonce)
— Critical hits off (optional)
— Play pyro with default flamethrower
Use the stop movement button after some soldiers are in the track to make them stop. You can
also use tr_stop console command. Find a soldier with an open space in front of him, preferably
at the beginning of the walkway and press the key binded to tr_attackonce. Position yourself
near the rocket hit and closer to the soldier. To airblast jump, make the bot fire, when the
rocket is about to hit you, jump, crouch and airblast the rocket under you. Try to reach high
places, like catwalks. Critical hits are turned off just in case you receive a critical rocket
to your face, but it can be turned on to perform high jumps. Use bot_refill to give the soldiers
ammo and health.

**Hard airstab**
— Spawn pyros
— Bots aim up
— Make bots attack
— Resupply off
— Play spy
It’s just like stairstabs, but it makes them a lot more challenging. This also simulates real
pyros behaviour and let you see the real area of effect from the flame. Fail once and you will
be on fire, rushing to the medkit. NOTE: sometimes the pyro’s flame will be invisible. To fix
it you need to turn on and off the bot’s attack (binding tr_attack to some key helps too)

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The map will always spawn 16 bots. More bots can be spawned manually and will be teleported to the map.
If you want more bots, spawn them using:


Tf2 walkway как установить

Карта tr_walkway, или тренируемся на отлично!

Если вы еще не слышали о карте tr_walkway для Team Fortress 2, то вы многое упустили, но всегда есть шанс наверстать упущенное. Эта карта — полигон для тренировок и оттачивания навыков. На ней вы с легкостью сможете повысить скилл игры любым классом, от Скаута до Шпиона.

Карта выполнена в виде прямой дороги, по которой бегут боты. Интуитивно понятными кнопками настраиваются как боты, их класс, скорость, поведение, так и форма пути. Лучшее представление о возможностях карты вы получите из видео, размещенного ниже. Удачи в тренировках!

Переменная sv_cheats автоматически включается при загрузке карты, поэтому любые действия на карте не учитываются статистикой steam.

Версия: rc2

Авторы: Washipato, Wiseguy149


Tf2 walkway как установить

Walkway is a community-made singleplayer training map created by Washipato and Wiseguy149. It features AI bots that spawn and walk along the long walkway that runs down the whole map. There are various different options, toggled by shooting in-game buttons, that can customize the playfield to the player’s taste. It is useful for headshot training, practicing jumps, and general practice. Other than just offering training help, it is an outstanding choice of map for testing out custom items and their functions, due to the versatile settings of bots.

Edit: this map is considered as one of the populairest custom maps ever made for TF2

To help you finding the map, here is the link to the map: for installing the map, put the BSP File in the tf/maps directory. then start TF2 (if you have a DS server, insert the name of map in the server.cfg), then type in the console: map tr_walkway_rc2, then wait

Caution, dont ever spawn bots there, bots will automaticaly spawn there when you join the game

When you join the map and go straight forward, you can see a room of buttons,
You can slow down the bots or just speed them up. or you even spawn some more and even more stuff for your type of Training

there are 3 hidden stuff on Walkway:

1. Spy-crabs
2. A all-killing Pyro
3. A gigantic random bot, (only when you done 200 kills)

When you use noclip, usually the map is set on Cheat mode, you even can stand in the skybox

this room is specially for Spy to practise his Sapping skills and backstabbing skills

On walkway, there are a few teleporters

This is the end of the Line for walkway, NO, the map is not ended, its the end of our guide on walkway

Any Questions, feel free to ask below on the comments


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